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Pastor:  The Reverend Tom Trinidad, PhD

 Dr Tom Trinidad

The Reverend Dr. Thomas M. Trinidad joined Faith Church as our pastor on June 1, 2008.  Dr. Trinidad received a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences degree, with emphasis on Music and Judeo-Christian Thought at Colorado College, Colorado Springs.  He received a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary and his PhD in Theology from the University of Notre Dame.  He has a background in religious education and has served as interim minister for several churches in the Midwest and Colorado.  He has worked as a youth counselor and youth minister.  Dr. Trinidad is also the author of a number of publications dealing with faith and education.  He brings youth and vitality to our congregation and a true sense of faith.


Pastor's message from December 2009 Tidings.

A Self-Evaluation

Sometime after the Christmas crush, I will ask Session to do a formal evaluation of my pastoral leadership of our congregation over the past year. You may recall in November 2008 I made four pledges to you and asked to be evaluated, in part, on that basis. A year later, here’s how I feel about things.
Pledge 1: To grow as a disciple of Christ, and to facilitate your growth as Christ's disciples. I certainly have grown as a disciple of Christ in my pastoral service at Faith Church. My understanding of the Scriptures, involvement in helping others, devotion to the church, and discernment of God’s calling in my life have all deepened in the context of our life together. These are important markers of discipleship.
As for facilitating your growth, I need to do better. Our vision to introduce small group ministries for cultivating community and deepening our knowledge together will go a long way towards this end. And we need to provide more service opportunities and increase the percentage of our congregation involved in such opportunities. These are the next big steps in our growth together as disciples.
Pledge 2: To discern a mission that is faithful to God, exercises good stewardship, and honors Faith's traditions. I believe our Mission Statement, together with our Vision and Goals, has fulfilled this pledge. Our Mission Statement calls us to alignment with God’s revealed desires for us. Our Vision and Goals challenge us to step out in faith. I’m very excited about our work together in this area.
Pledge 3: To redesign worship to be meaningful to you, and hospitable to visitors. We got a late start on this, but received a nice boost from the Growing Healthy Churches consultation in May-June. Our combined worship at 9am starts this Sunday and begins to fulfill this pledge. And our new worship service, to be designed in the next few months, will expand this same effort even further.
Pledge 4: To equip for ministry, beginning with leadership and including the congregation. Here again, a late start but a nice boost from our consultation. Things here have begun to take shape but haven’t become fully functional. I anticipate in the next two months we’ll have our recently redesigned Ministry Teams staffed with leadership. Next we’ll identify ministry opportunities in which all of us can be involved for discipleship growth. We’re not where we need to be, but I must tell you that the work the Session and Deacons have done towards helping me fulfill this pledge can’t be over-estimated.

As I look back at the past year, I’m filled with gratitude for the ministry we’ve had together and for the progress we’ve seen in each of these four pledges. In reality, the pledges are ongoing. We’re going to constantly grow as disciples, discern mission, rework worship, and equip for ministry. These continue to represent my mission as pastor of this church. They continue to inspire and guide me, and I invite you to continue evaluating my faithfulness to God’s calling according to them.
This Advent, as we begin a new church year together, may we all give thanks for God’s work in our lives the year past, and pledge ourselves anew to faithfully collaborate with God’s work in the year to come.

Dr. Tom


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